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Have fun with this versatile voice changer

FineShare FineVoice—or simply FineVoice—is a powerful multimedia software that allows you to transform your voice into different styles and pitches quickly. Developed by FineShare Co., Ltd., this all-in-one voice-changer program is powered by AI technology and offers various handy tools to help you edit and enhance your voice.

Similar to other audio changer programs, FineShare FineVoice is compatible with a myriad of recording tools like Discord, Zoom, and OBS Studio, as it is designed to be used for video calls, podcast recordings, live-streaming, and such. The program has a free trial version available and offers three subscription plans.

Impress the world with your voice

FineVoice is a voice-changing application that can be used for different purposes. It works in real-time and is great for meetings, live-streaming, podcasts, anonymous gaming, chatting, and more. Thus, you can expect that it also functions in tandem with video and audio recording programs and web apps like Google Meet, Twitch Studio, and YouTube. Not only that but your changed voice can also be picked up by video games’ built-in voice chat feature. However, real-time voice changing isn’t its only function.

The program can also process text-to-speech and vice-versa, and record high-quality audio from various sources like your PC, mobile device, and installed programs. It can transcribe audio quickly and accurately to editable text—allowing you to export them to TXT, VTT, SRT, and JOSN files and share them. Its voice recordings enable you to either easily blend all audio together or record them into separate audio tracks for easier post-editing. The software can record audio in either MP3 or WAV at 48kHz without quality loss. 

Aside from these, this audio program offers various choices for cooler and more fun voice styles, as it can change the voice of previously-recorded files, too. It has over 60 voice effects, over 220 built-in natural-sounding voices in 40 languages for the transcription feature, and over 200 sound effects like blips and laugh tracks. Plus, it allows you to apply enhancements like Noise Reduction and Reverb. With these, you can easily customize your voice and make it sound like it was a professional job. 

No learning curve required

FineVoice doesn’t have a built-in tutorial but it’s still quite user-friendly with its simple interface. After installation, the program will ask you what main purpose it will be used for—whether it’s for podcast recordings, video creation, online teaching, chatting, gaming, live-streaming, remote meetings, or others. Don’t worry as this will only customize your main menu a bit. You can still access all tools. There are five main tabs on the left-side panel of the interface: Home, Record Projects, My Library, Account, and AI Virtual Camera. 

Record Projects is the main section for starting your recordings. Here, you can record in real-time or add audio files. There are two tabs on the right-side panel: Audio Effects and Voice Effects, which both only show their icons. You can change the project name at the very top of the screen, play and pause the recording in the bottom-left corner, and adjust the volume and tweak your recording settings in the bottom-right corner. 

On the other hand, My Library will house all of your audio recordings and can be sorted into their type. You can even find your text-to-speech files and extracted audio files. Meanwhile, Account simply shows you your user account and license type. If you’re using the free trial, this will show a built-in prompt for signing up as the trial doesn’t require an account to be used. Lastly, the AI Virtual Camera tab simply offers an easy download option of FineShare’s FineCam program, which is compatible with FineVoice.

As mentioned, the software has an unlimited free trial with limited features. To unlock all tools you’ll need to avail of its subscription plans. There are three plans, which vary in their duration: 1-month, 1-year, and Lifetime. They mostly have the same features unlocked and have the 30-day money-back guarantee, but the 1-month plan only covers one PC while the others cover two PCs. Additionally, the Lifetime plan only has a maximum of 300 minutes for the transcription feature but the 1-year plan has it at 120 minutes per month.

A great option to have when recording

All in all, FineShare FineVoice is a great software to have around—whether you’re interested in a voice changer or you’re working with recorders and want to spice things up. Not only does it have a myriad of features to help you, but it’s also pretty straightforward and works well with other recording software. Plus, the free trial is unlimited in duration and the premium plans will unlock all handy tools available.

FineVoice is a simple yet powerful all-in-one AI voice changer. Make your voice sound better and more fun

  • FineVoice can easily transform your voice into different styles, making your voice sound like a young lady, middle-aged man, old man, SpongeBob, etc. It also offers you environmental and device effects, making your voice sound like it's coming from a hall, radio, cave, etc.
  • Use AI to quickly generate lifelike voiceovers for 2000+ popular characters, supporting over 20 languages. Ideal for videos, podcast video, books, and presentations.
  • Use AI to quickly transcribe hours of conversations, Zoom meetings, interviews to editable text. Export to TXT, VTT, SRT, and JOSN and share your recordings and transcript with others.
  • You can apply audio effects like noise reduction, low-pass, high-pass, and tone to make your vocals stand out.
  • FineVoice can record audio in WAV at 48kHz without quality loss. Besides that, it can record your conversations from apps like Zoom, Skype, Discord in separate audio tracks. More importantly, you can modify your voice with built-in voice & audio effects when recording.
  • Hundreds of Sound Effects, Voice effects and soundboards can be used with keybinds, making it easy for you to apply effects at the right moment. 
  • FineVoice can capture sounds from computers, iPhones, microphones, and apps like Apple Music, and TikTok. Then output all sounds captured by FineVoice to streaming and recording apps.

Work with Discord, CS, Steam, Zoom, Google Meet, Twitch, OBS, streamlabs OBS, Fortnite, Minecraft, Valorant, Spatial, etc.


  • Real-time voice recording
  • Has both text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities
  • Compatible with other media recording programs
  • Has over 60 voice effects and over 200 sound effects


  • No built-in tutorial
  • The premium plans differ a bit strangely in the total minutes for transcriptions

Program available in other languages

FineShare FineVoice for PC

  • Trial version

  • In English
  • V 1.0.1
  • 4.2

  • Security Status

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